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Send a Card for National Thinking of You Week

Sep 22nd, 2014

1. To support this fantastic new, nationwide event, which has been created to raise awareness of the importance of keeping in touch, and celebrate all those  people in our lives who mean more to us than we usually find the time to tell them.

2. To do our bit to combat loneliness, which has sadly become so much of a problem in our society that each of us now knows at least one person who is seriously affected by it. Sending a card out of the blue is a really lovely way to brighten that person’s day and make them feel a lot less alone.

3. To patch things up with someone we’ve lost contact with over the years – whether by falling out with them, or simply falling out of touch. A card can be a really good way to make the first move, because it can take the place of a potentially awkward first phone call, or difficult letter.


4. To say a proper ‘thank you’ to someone by sending them a real Thank You card. It’s now been scientifically proven that receiving a card makes people feel a lot more special than texts, emails or Facebook messages – which makes it the perfect way to show appreciation for those little acts of kindness that mean so much.

5. Because in our busy, demanding lives, sending a card is such an easy way to stay in  touch. It’s so quick and easy to do – and is a lovely way to keep people up to date  with how your family is growing, how they’ve changed, and what they’re into.

6. To make someone  laugh. Because sometimes sending a funny card can be the best way to show  you care.

7. National Thinking of You Week is the perfect time to get spreading some cheer!

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