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And the Superhero Winner is…

Jun 27th, 2011

In the run up to Father’s Day we put our heads together at Hallmark HQ and decided to give one of you lovely lot a great prize! A fantastic experience day for your superhero dad! Through our Facebook and Twitter pages we issued a call to action to complete the sentence ‘My dad is a superhero because….’

We are delighted to announce our winner as @twiglettwit whose entry said:

“My Dad is a superhero because he’s a paramedic & saves lives every single day! He’s a real life hero & the best dad!”

We received hundreds of entries all of which we loved and choosing one to win this brilliant prize was very difficult! Here are some of the best or the rest!

“My Dad is a superhero because when I was 5 I ‘cooked’ him a Jam & Beans sandwich…& he actually ate it! That’s love!”

“He is a brilliant role model! He is patient, kind & funny. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his children :)

“My Dad is a superhero because he’s always there2make me laugh an smile even when he’ s away with army, he’s my bestfriend”

“My Dad is a superhero because… he can fly! No really… at the age of 62 he is learning to fly a microlite- go dad!”

Claire Jane “because he’s been telling the same jokes for 25 years and STILL finds them funny! :-)

Thank you again to all those who entered and we hope you enjoyed a great day with your dads!

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