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Are you on Santa’s naughty list?

Nov 15th, 2010

Confess to Hallmark and make sure Santa visits!

Ever wondered why you don’t get as many Christmas presents as you used to? We’ve given it some thought and we think it’s because Santa doesn’t tend to visit people who have been a bit naughty, which is a problem, as most of us have been at some point!

So, this Christmas we decided to give you the opportunity to confess all the naughty things you’ve ever got away with to help you secure your place on the ‘nice list’ and make sure Santa visits!

Here’s how it will work. From today all you need to do is “confess” to Hallmark via our Twitter confession booth. Just @HallmarkUK with your confession using the hash tag #XmasConfession. We’ll be publishing our favourite confessions in Hallmark’s ultimate naughty list in December, with the overall winner receiving Hallmark’s ultimate Santa stocking, worth £250.

And for everyone who has redeemed themselves by confessing, we’ll give you a special money off ‘redemption’ voucher to use on our site as well as turning you into a Hallmark angel on our Facebook page!

Here’s a couple of confessions to get you started:

I hid my sister’s doll, and then the dog ate it. She never found out! #Xmasconfession
I spilt red wine on my friends white carpet and blamed it on a friend #Xmasconfession

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