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Emma’s Mother’s Day Message Tips

Feb 26th, 2014


Mother’s Day is definitely a day to let your mum know how wonderful she is….but how? If you want to show your appreciation say “Thanks for everything you do” or “You do so much for me and I appreciate it so much.”

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Maybe your mum is also your best friend, if that’s the case why not tell her? “You’re much more than my mum, you’re my best friend too. I just don’t know what I’d do without you!”.


And if you just want to let her know how amazing she is you can’t go wrong with “Mum, you’re the best!”


If you simply want to acknowledge the day, a “Have a lovely day” or “Put your feet up” message will work perfectly.



We also have a range of beautiful gifts to spoil her with too.
So, however you say it, make sure it’s a message filled with love and you’re guaranteed to make Mum’s day!

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