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Emma’s Tips – New Year, New You!

Jan 22nd, 2014

em new year


So, you made your resolutions, and maybe broken a few already…! If one of them was to be more organised, never forget another special occasion or to be better at keeping in touch, then we can help.

It may sound obvious, but one sure-fire way of remembering special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries is to add them to a calendar. Use last year’s calendar or diary and go through week by week adding each occasion to the new one. Then stick it somewhere you will definitely see it – the fridge or your desk at work – and get into the habit of checking it at the start of each week. You could also download a calendar app to your Smartphone and receive reminders.


We’ve all got friends we don’t see as often as we’d like and although texts, emails, Facebook and Twitter have made connecting with people easier and quicker, it’s just not as personal as a phonecall, a letter or a card. So why not send a card ‘just because’ and just say “Thought I’d send you something to make you smile”. It’s often the cards that are sent for no reason that are the most appreciated.

You could also use January as a good time to stock up on cards for your stash, to make sure you’re always prepared for any occasion, even the ones that you remember at the last minute.

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