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Free Printable Advent Calendar!

Nov 28th, 2014


Free Printable Advent Calendar!

Hallmark designer Cecilia Blanco has created this fab, festive and completely free advent calendar for you to download and print out at home.

Here’s what to do:

Download the file here.

1. Print both designs, then stick your printouts onto card so as to make your advent calendar nice and sturdy – then, on the numbered design only, cut along the solid lines around three sides of each door. The dotted lines are to indicate where you can fold the doors back as you open them one by one throughout December.

2. On the design without numbers, let your little ones have some fun colouring in the Christmassy characters whatever colours they wish, then stick the design with numbered doors on top, so that each of the characters is behind as different door.

3. Now all that’s left to do is put your new advent calendar up somewhere in need of a little extra festive cheer… and let the Christmas countdown commence!

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