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From Copacabana to Lady in Red; Hallmark’s Ultimate First Dance Wedding Playlist

Aug 3rd, 2010

Wedding Music

Earlier in the month, we launched our search for the most unique or unusual wedding songs that brides and grooms choose for their first dance. It was part of our weddings month here at Hallmark, with the aim of helping inspire people to have a brilliant and unique day.

Well, we certainly got a good response, and loads of you gave us your suggestions through Facebook and Twitter. We think we’ve heard it all now, from a Blues Brothers medley, to Justin Timberlake to the Jack Rabbit Slims dance off song in Pulp Fiction!

So, from dance floor classics, to film soundtracks and hard rock monsters, in no particular order, here’s our ultimate ten unique, crowd-sourced, first dance wedding songs. We’ve chosen these based on the songs nominated the most times, as well as the ones we thought were most unusual. We’d love to know what you think!

Hallmark’s unique first dance wedding songs

D.I.V.O.R.C.E; Dolly Parton (played ironically, of course!)
The Lady in Red; Chris de Burgh (even though the bride wore white!)
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For; U2 (a joke, surely)
Copacabana; Barry Manilow (we love this 80s classic – but for a first dance?)
You Never Can Tell; Chuck Berry (from Pulp Fiction, complete with amazing dance moves)
Paranoid; Black Sabbath (not your typical wedding song!)
Hokey Pokey, Ray Anthony (easy to remember the moves for this one)
Firestarter; the Prodigy (wonder if they danced like Keith Flint!)
I want to break free; Queen (we hope not)
I Can’t Dance; Genesis (neither can we!)

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