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Hallmark Cards Celebrates all the Great Things to do Before You’re 30

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Sep 21st, 2010

If you’re about to turn 30, and want to ensure you’ve done it all, then Hallmark Cards could be coming to the rescue as it publishes the definitive guide of ’things to do before you’re 30’, but with a twist – it’s completely crowd-sourced via Twitter and Facebook from more than 700 people who have already reached the milestone!

Hallmark is launching the B430 guide in support of its current TV ad, which tells the real-life story of two friends, Rebecca and Katie, and all their experiences together, in the run up to one of their 30ths .

Now, after more than 700 submissions, Hallmark has narrowed the list down to a final 30 ‘must- do’ challenges, which is being published on From driving Route 66, to Moonwalking across a crowded dancefloor and dancing The Conga, it’s certainly diverse and challenging!

The list can be split into six main subject areas, with, perhaps unsurprisingly, travel coming top

1) Travelling experiences (26% of entries). Travelling the world, living in India, partying in Vegas, walking the Great Wall of China…

2) Life experiences (20%) taking a trip in a hot air balloon, trying horse riding, learning to ice skate like Torvill and Dean, treating yourself to a fabulous designer bag…

3) Out-there or bizarre activities (19%). Changing your name by deed poll, dating an A-list celeb, spending the day speaking only in movie quotes, auditioning for a reality TV show…

4) Wholesome or charitable (14%). Rescuing an animal, doing the London Marathon for charity, becoming a blood donor…

5) Extreme feats of daring (10%). Going zorbing down a steep hill, trying rally driving, climbing the highest mountain in the world…

6) Family and friends (10%). Making Christmas dinner for more people than you’ve got room for, kissing that special person in the rain, falling in love and staying in love, really getting to know your parents.

Jon Taylor, from Hallmark Cards online, commented: “The online card service lets people create their ultimate personalised card with everything from choice of picture through to layout, colour and funny verse. We thought it would be great to take this a few steps further and create our personal guide of what people need to achieve before they hit 30!

“We’ve had a huge number of suggestions for the guide and whittling them down to a final 30 was a huge, but fun challenge. Reaching any big birthday can cause people to reflect, so we hope this guide gets people thinking about all the great experiences they’ve had, while also making them smile – no matter what age they are!

A total of 743 people submitted suggestions for the ‘B430’guide. Below is Hallmark’s favourite 30 ‘must-dos’.

Attempt to Moonwalk across the dancefloor in a crowded nightclub
Dance all night and get home when it’s light!
Realise that you still don’t know what you want to do when you grow up
Audition for a reality show, regardless of your ability or reputation
Purchase a ridiculously expensive and totally ‘unpractical’ pair of shoes – Just because!
Go to work in your ‘night before’ clothes at least once
Realise finally that you’ll always feel like a 5 year old inside – no-one ever grows up!
Blag your way into the VIP area!
Spend a night in a haunted house, with friends and torches
Recreate a scene from a famous film!
Do something your Mum says you’ll regret – then not regret it
Make a spontaneous purchase, something indulgent, expensive and gorgeous for yourself no worries.
Invent a 7 day weekend! With continuous Friday Feeling
Drink a Manhattan cocktail in Manhattan!
Take part in a midnight marathon
Have the guts to start my own business
Sing your heart out in a different language. Very liberating!
Learn to Salsa!
Zorbing down a steep hill! So much fun…if you’re not sick!
Find the perfect little black dress!
Sleep under the stars
See in the New Year in a foreign city
Resist everything except temptation
Wave your Union Jack at the last night of the Proms!
Set a Guinness World Record
Learning to sing just one karaoke song…well!
Get your kicks on Route 66!
Do the Conga!
Find something you are really good at and make your mark on the world!
Do one thing that actually terrifies you!

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