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Hallmark Cards Celebrates the Lost Art of the art of the Dad Joke

Jun 15th, 2010
Dad Joke

Hallmark Cards Celebrates the Lost Art of the art of the Dad Joke

This Father’s Day, we are celebrating the dubious art of the “Dad Joke”, as we publish the world’s first joke book consisting entirely of Dad sourced joke book-worthy funnies from real dads across the UK.

Over the past three weeks, we have been busy asking UK fathers to submit their ultimately bad “dad” jokes – as part of its build up to Father’s Day on June 20th.

Thousands of dads – including celebrities Phil Tufnell and Chris Evans – have got involved via our Twitter feed with their best – or in this case worst – efforts, with everything from old classics to cringe worthy puns.

Our humour team has been busy road testing the jokes for their ‘groan factor’ and have come up with the definitive 50 – which will be published here on the blog as well as turned into a special range of Father’s Day cards in 2011.

• What’s brown and sticky? A stick.
• Two fish in a tank one said to the other, How do we drive this?
• What do you call a flying policeman? A helicopper
• Why were ancient Egyptian children confused? Because their daddies were mummies
• I renamed my iPod ‘The Titanic’ so that when I plug it in, iTunes tells me ‘The Titanic is syncing
• why are pirates, pirates? because they arrrrrrrrrrreeeeee
• watch out for Ariel, I hear she is a real cold fish
• ME: I’m Thirsty …. Dad: I’m Friday

To download the joke book click here.

Remember we send your cards out the same day 1st class if you order before 2pm. The recommended last order deadline for Father’s Day is 2pm on the 16th of June. If you do forget, you can still send one of our new premium ecards!

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