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Hallmark launches the world’s first “dad-sourced” joke book competition

May 20th, 2010

Do you think your dad is hilarious? Do you regularly hear your dad coming out with funny statements? Does the following exchange seem a bit too familiar?

You: Please may I leave the table?
Dad: And where are you going to leave it?

Well, to celebrate how incredibly unfunny our fathers are, we’re proud to announce the launch of Hallmark’s Dad-Sourced Joke Book Competition, in time for Father’s Day, running across our usual channels on Twitter and Facebook until 14th June 2010.

Basically, we’re looking for you lovely people to tweet us with your funniest, or maybe in this case, un-funniest dad jokes or dad-isms using the hashtag #dadjoke. However, the fun doesn’t end there because on Facebook, we also want pictures of your dad in a funny situation, or simply him wearing something dadish that makes you smile or wince. And if you’re a dad yourself, then we want to hear from you too!

The good news is the winning entry (the one that makes us groan the most) will win a night out for four at a comedy club near you.

And even better, the best entries will be published in the world’s first ever dad-sourced joke book which you will be able to download from our website once the competition ends.

So now it’s time to get writing down everything your dad says that’s unfunny. Why should you just be the one who has to suffer? Feel free to share his worst with the world!

Let the terrible jokes begin!

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