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Hallmark’s guide to writing your own Valentine’s Day verse

Feb 10th, 2010

Is there someone special you want to impress with a self-penned sentiment? Then let the experts at Hallmark Cards guide you to your heart’s desire with these quick and easy tips to writing your own romantic message!

THE ETIQUETTE…Things to avoid!

• Don’t make your sentiment too long – you don’t want their eyes to glaze over and miss the point!
• Avoid using the same keyword/s more than once – this can sometimes sound a little clumsy.
• Does he/she share your sense of humour? If not, steer clear of this style of writing; you don’t want to offend!
• Avoid words and phrases you wouldn’t normally use or it’ll sound like someone else has written it!

THE HOW TO… This is where the fun begins!

If you want your sentiment to rhyme –

• Jot down important phrases and join them together, ending every other line with a rhyme word.
• There are some standard rhyme words that work well – try using: together/forever day/way/say love/of/above for/more you/too do/through

If you don’t want your sentiment to rhyme:

• Try freeform writing (writing without stopping) or jot your thoughts down in letter format. Next, highlight the important phrases, add a couple of words to link these together & hey presto…one impressive piece of writing!
• Or ‘think opposites’ – here are a couple of examples:
• Every little thing about you makes me love you in a big way
• With you, even doing nothing is really something

If you want your sentiment to be humorous:

• Write down all the things that make you both laugh – this will give you a good starting point.
• Is there a private joke you share that you could personalise (without offending!)?
• Keep it simple & relevant to the occasion and person you’re writing it for.


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