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Love is in the Twair

Feb 13th, 2010

Congratulations to madbird32 who was named as the winner of our Twittermantic competition, yesterday. The winning romantic tweet was ‘My heart is as big as a lake, my love as deep as the ocean, 13 years now, I will always give you my devotion!’. It won Mazz Mullarky from London, a luxury weekend break and her verse will also be made in to a real Hallmark Valentine’s Card in time for 14th February 2011.

Our Twittermantic competition turned out to be a resounding success thanks to the hundreds of fantastic entries. The sheer number of good quality verses that were tweeted meant that deciding on a shortlist of just 14 was incredibly difficult. Given the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter, the entries were all the more impressive.

The competition really brought out Britain’s creative streak and showed just how good we could be at creating our own verses, whether they be romantic, funny or soppy. It was also great to see just how many people voted on who they thought should be the winner. It really was a team effort and we want to send our congratulations to all of our entrants.

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