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How to: throw a spooktacular Halloween party!

Oct 25th, 2011

Kids go wild for Halloween and jump at the chance to dress up, eat sweets and frighten the life out of aunties, friends and neighbours – which is why 31st October is a great opportunity to throw a petrifying party! Here are our top tips for creating the perfect eerie atmosphere and showing your guests a ghoulishly good time.

1.Send out some spooky invitations.

First thing’s first, it’s important your guests know about the party in advance so they have time to prepare. has a superb selection of Halloween invitations!

2.Devilishly daunting decorations.

Transform your home into a haunted house. Keep the kids occupied this half term and get them to help you carve the pumpkins, make paper spiders, ghosts and all manner of spooky trimmings. Dim the lights using coloured sheets, or special Halloween lamp shades and remember to decorate the entrance to your house too so that your hair-raising guests don’t miss the party! Check out this link for some great Halloween craft ideas.

3.Start the costumes early.

The best Halloween costumes require care and attention, so make sure you start yours early. Search for images of your frightful fiend of choice, and recreate the look using old clothes, spare fabric, bin-liners, toilet roll and anything else you can get your hands on! A great way of achieving that loathsome look is by using face-paint, fake blood and lots of black eyeliner. Most face paint sets come with a how-to booklet with images and easy to follow instructions.

4.Shocking snacks and terrible treats.

Put on a frightful feast for your ghouls and goblins. Eyeball pasta, vampire blood punch and monster cupcakes are all possible ideas for your Halloween buffet. They’re fun to make with the kids as well. Encourage them to write a menu and supervise the little chefs while they whip up a storm.

5.Set the mood.

Create the perfect playlist for your party. Make sure you include classic spooky tracks like Michael Jackson’s Thriller to lure in the zombies. The Addams Family and Ghostbusters theme tunes, and I Put A Spell On You are also frightful favourites. You can also purchase creepy sound effects now on iTunes so you can frighten your guests on arrival.

6.Ghoulish games

Classic Halloween games such as Apple Bobbing never get old and are a fun, cheap way to entertain the kids at your party. Simply fill the bath with apples and let the kids take it in turns to try and lift them out with their teeth. Make sure you have some spooky treats on hand for the winners! You could also do a witch hunt by making mini cut-out witches, hiding them all over the house and giving prizes to the ones who capture the most.

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