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If you were King for the day…

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Nov 12th, 2010
King for the day

King for the day!

As part of our THIFriday weekly fun and giveaways, we asked what you would do if you were King (or Queen!) for the day, and you didn’t disappoint. Here are some of our favourite responses of what you would do if you suddenly became a Royal!

“Free diamonds for everyone” – Under your rule, diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend, they are for everyone!
“Simon Cowell to perform live on X-Factor” – We loved the idea of Simon Cowell on stage being judged by the nation. We think this song would suit him perfectly.
“Send everyone a Hallmark card” – A Hallmark card for everyone with a postage stamp from Buckingham palace would certainly brighten up mantelpieces across the land. We’ve just given away 10,000 cards, which is a start!
“Monday to be proclaimed Chocolate Day!” – We don’t like Mondays but free chocolate for everyone would greatly improve the day! You also suggested lots of lie-ins with a five day weekend. That sounds lovely.
“Party at the palace” – You wanted to invite everyone to the palace for a huge knees-up. Although we think it’s a brilliant idea, we wouldn’t like to be there to tidy up the day after!

Let us know if you’ve got any more you want to add. Now, if only Hallmark’s twitter followers were really King……….

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