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Make your own Lucy Cromwell Mother’s Day bunting!

Mar 7th, 2014


More and more people are enjoying crafting as a hobby. It’s a great way to spend your time and a fantastic sense of achievement to create something unique and memorable. Bunting can really brighten up a room, for a special occasion or just as a permanent decoration…and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse! Raid your wardrobe and look for any old items of clothing you no longer want and, using a template to make sure each one is the same size, cut out triangles of fabric (using pinking shears will avoid fraying). Next, attach each one to string, ribbon or binding tape using a small stich or fabric glue, evenly spacing as you do.
Make sure you leave enough ribbon or tape at each end to hang, then pin it in place for a homemade, decorative delight!
If you want the same effect but with a little less effort, instead of using fabric simply print out our bunting triangle templates, decorate and cut them out. Then all that’s left to do is get up early while Mum is still in bed and hang up the bunting while the eggs are boiling and the soldiers are toasting for that all important Mother’s Day breakfast in bed!
Click here to download Lucy Cromwell Bunting>>

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