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Our National Report Gets to the Heart of Real Love

Feb 14th, 2011

1. Workplace revealed as one of the most likely places to find love
2. Majority of Brits harbour cheeky crushes for colleagues
3. Half the nation longs for an anonymous Valentine’s card this Valentine’s Day!
4. The nation’s most ‘loved up’ and singleton hotspots revealed – where to find the Casanovas?
5. 1 in 10 sniff out their secret admirer – quite literally
6. 8 out of 10 of us romantic Brits will be sending a card for Valentine’s Day

It may not match our idealistic images of a romantic setting but our latest research has today found that the workplace is fast becoming one of the most popular places to find love in Britain, with 1 in 5 people having met their current partner through work!

In fact, our report has discovered that finding love at work is now just as common as meeting your partner in a bar or club. And despite the rise in social media, twice as many people have developed a relationship at work than those who have met online!

Work colleagues also top the polls when it comes to setting our hearts a flutter with a staggering 42% of Brits secretly hoping to receive a card from a colleague this Valentine’s Day. A further one in ten is even hoping to receive one from their boss!

Our very own Head of Romance Kendra Keller said; “We conducted the love report to investigate how Brits really feel about those they love, the connections they have and what modern-day romance actually involves.

“The results have definitely identified some changes to the more traditional ideals of how, where and why we found love. The workplace may not spring to mind as the most seductive setting, however, considering the amount of time we spend at work it’s not surprising to learn that relationships have blossomed there and we’re delighted to see that romance is still very much alive in the UK (albeit at the water cooler!).

“Sentimental gestures are not only the most economical way to celebrate Valentine’s Day but also the most personal too. As the old proverb goes, it’s certainly the thought that counts, so don’t forget to show that special someone how much you care this year.”

According to our report, around 80 per cent of us will be sending at least one Valentine’s card this year, which means many of us should expect to see a red envelope on the doormat on the 14th February. Although the majority of the nation will stick with tradition and just send one card, 12% of Brits are keeping their options open by sending two, three or even more cards on February the 14th, with Scottish lotharios most likely to send three cards or more!

Secret Admirers…

Around half of the nation is hoping to receive an anonymous card this Valentine’s Day and when it comes to discovering who their secret admirer is it seems that Brits are quite the sleuths.

Those investigating their secret admirers may well want to look at their nearest and dearest before going further afield as the statistics show around one in five anonymous cards come from a thoughtful friend in an attempt to boost your ego.

Where is Mr Loverman? – National hotspots

The report also revealed the nation’s hot spots, crowning East Anglia as the most romantic region in the UK with 45% of local residents rating themselves as either very or hopelessly romantic. Wales and Scotland came in joint second with 44% and the East Midlands came in third with 43%.

Cheryl Cole should maybe look away from the North East to find a new love in her life, with this voted the least loved-up region, where only 30% of residents rated themselves as no more than an occasional romantic and around one in ten claimed to be completely unromantic altogether.

TV psychologist Anjula Mutanda, commented on the findings: “Getting a Valentine’s card can make the receiver feel special, and mimics the emotions of the early stages of love- excitement, intimacy, hope and bags of positive energy. All these feelings can boost mood and make us feel good about ourselves. It’s fascinating that half the nation long for an anonymous card, which suggests that people derive a real thrill and sense of excitement from it- wondering who their admirer may be!”

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