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Our pick of the most embarrassing dad moments!

May 24th, 2011

Father’s Day is not far away, so as part of last week’s #THIFriday, we asked our twitter followers to share the most embarrassing things their dads had done to them. The entries flooded in, and we were astonished to read some of the most unspeakable acts inflicted on the @hallmarkUK community, which were sure to make any kid’s cheeks go ruby red!

The entries were so funny, we just couldn’t keep them to ourselves so here are a few of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) embarrassing dad gaffs!

@PrettyBlueBirds Dad came to pick me up from a club when I was 18 and actually came in complete with Roy Cropper style bag!

@KatDray My Dad sleepwalked NAKED across the landing when all my friends were in my bedroom with the door open. The shame!

@MissBeautyL On my 16th birthday my dad brought me a Barbie doll?? Really, he made me open it in front of all my friends and boyfriend!

@eleanor731 I had my 8th Bday at a local swimming pool & Dad wore green thong swimming trunks! Blushing doesn’t come close

@jming1 I’m wheel chair bound and when I was 7, my dad covered my chair in tin foil and entered me in carnival as ‘star trek’.

@IanH65 My dad has just bought an ambulance which he is currently driving b4 turning it into a camper van

Pretty terrible huh?! Still, no matter how cringe-worthy our dads are, we can’t help but love’em! After all, who else would give us a lift when we want to go somewhere?!

Love Hallmark x

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