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Our predictions of luurve for 2011

Jan 13th, 2011

2010 was a cracking year for romance sagas. Cheryl Cole dumped her love rat, Coleen Rooney kept her love rat and there have been more celebrity hook-ups, break-ups and get back together-ups than you can shake a stick at!

Nevertheless we’re officially declaring 2011 as the year of LOVE! Waity Katie is finally set to make it down the aisle in the biggest wedding of the new century, it looks like Cheryl’s heart is finally on the mend and the Beckhams will be celebrating more than a decade of marriage AND have got a new baby on the way!

So, here at Hallmark, whilst writing out congratulations cards for all those Christmas and New Year engagements, we decided to make our predictions for love this year and have a go at guessing the next celebrity couples that will join in star-filled matrimony! But somehow we don’t think we’ll be giving Derren Brown a run for his money…. take a look and see what you think!

Louie Spence and Ann Widdecombe – the duo meet whilst busting some grooves at the local discotheque and become more famous than Ginger and Fred or Torville and Dean. A dancing power couple!

Jedward and Samanda – Does anyone have any ear plugs?!

SuBo and Simon Cowell – SuBo and Simon realise they’re the perfect couple. Mr Cowell picks out his highwaisted wedding trousers while the Glaswegian songstress serenades him.

Cheryl Cole and Prince Harry – Prince Harry follows suit from his brother and after a whirlwind romance asks the nation’s princess, ‘Cheryl, will you marry me?’…. ‘Wey Aye man!’

Nick Clegg & David Cameron – the country’s highest profile bro-mance is made official!

Do you have a prediction of love for 2011? Feel free to share them with us!

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