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May 24th, 2012

As we announced earlier this week here on the Hallmark blog we have launched our Treasured Memory gallery to share the stories behind the UK’s most cherished keepsakes and, through a public voting process, uncover the Nation’s Ultimate Treasured Memory. What’s more, the overall winner will be in with a chance of winning a fantastic Treasured Memories prize package including the new Nikon 1 J-1 camera worth over £350! What’s more, you could also be in with the chance of having your entry displayed in a real gallery at the National Media Museum in Bradford.
But, as this competition is all about sharing memories with everyone, we thought it would only be fitting to show you some of ours! So we’ve searched our attics, drawers and cabinets and compiled some of the sweetest and the most touching examples from our team. Have a read and let us know what you think of our stories – we’d love to hear from you. We hope you enjoy them and that we inspire you to enter your own special pieces that deserve to be shared with the world!

Neil Shoesmith, Art Director, Hallmark Cards

Neil's Grandfather’s Wallet

Neil’s Grandfather’s Wallet

My treasured memory is my Grandfather’s wallet. He was killed fighting in the Second World War in the deserts of Libya. He is buried in a war grave in Egypt and all we have to remember him by is one surviving creased photo and a photo of his burial cross with is army number engraved on it. My Mother was born whilst he was at war and they sadly never got to meet one another so all he had was regularly letters written to him from my Gran detailing how his family was managing without him. When my Mum died a few years ago, I discovered these, along with an old black leather wallet. Inside this wallet was a small prayer book with a metal cross, an old Kings Cross & St Pancras train ticket, a small picture of my Mum with a lock of her hair and an unknown picture of my Grandfather stood in front of his army vehicle. These items mean a great deal to me as they are a tangible link to my families past and the heartache they had to endure. Whenever I feel like things are getting too much , all I have to do is put everything into perspective and think back to theses times when life was a great deal harder, full of crippling events and despair. I feel lucky that I come from a very close family, full of strong people who can deal with most things thrown their way.

Louise Loney, Innovation Manager, Hallmark Cards

Honey the Dog

Honey the Dog

My treasured memory is my childhood bear, Honey the dog. My Mum gave him to me when I was two after she collected all the tokens from the Andrex toilet rolls. Honey was my favourite teddy growing up and he went everywhere with me… days out, family holidays – he is one well-traveled dog! He really brings back special memories for me from when I was a child. Plus he got lost a few times, but always found his way home! As you can see from the photo, he is well-worn and at 203 years (that’s dog years!) he is one very old pooch!

Karen Chaudhari, Consumer Insight Manager, Hallmark Cards

Karen's pebble

Karen’s pebble

My treasured memory is a pebble I painted for my Granddad aged eight. I was on a school camping trip when I made it and the memories of that time are fun-filled and care-free including, sleeping under canvas for the first time, swinging over lakes on rope swings, chatting with friends by torchlight. In fact, one of the girls I share this memory with remains a close friend of mine to this day. I think the pebble was painted for my Grandad’s birthday and at the time it didn’t really hold any special or significant memories. My Grandparents were a great couple and truly represented the “right way” to live your life. They were so happy together and both lived to 90 and 91, happily married for over 60 years. They lived in my Nan’s childhood home,a cottage in rural Somerset. And, when they passed away and it came to sorting through their possessions, I came across the pebble that I’d painted so many years earlier. Firstly, I was surprised that they had kept it all these years (something that I now understand as a mum myself) and so I decided to bring it back to our family home in Leeds to signify the benefits of having the right outlook and approach to life. They were so happy together and nothing was too much trouble for them. They had a very simple life but their love and commitment to each other, their family and their friends was, and is, a great example to live by.

Wendy McDonald, Treasured Memories judge and renowned mummy blogger, Inside the Wendy House

Wendy's Necklace

Wendy’s Necklace

My treasured memory is a necklace featuring three silver charms – a Shakespeare bust and a figure of Romeo and Juliet. The charms came from my Grandmother a few years before she died. I used to play with them as a child and one day she gave them to me to keep. I treasured them, keeping them safe in my jewellery box. Years later, when I started dating the man who is now my Husband, I showed him my treasured collection. Sometime later, my Husband presented me with a black velvet box – I opened it and gasped with joy. He had taken my charms without me knowing to a jeweler to be cleaned and put onto a silver chain making a gorgeous necklace. I love this necklace as it’s a reminder of my wonderful Grandmother as well as the love of my thoughtful and amazing Husband who made it for me as a surprise.

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