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Overwhelming research finds that we’re a cat crazy nation!

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Jun 23rd, 2014

More than a third of British cat owners use Skype and Facetime to stay in touch with their pets, according to our research today, and half of the UK’s moggy mates say they’d rather spend time with their cat than with another human being.

And the myth of the crazy cat lady has also been smashed, as it’s the men who spend more time than women on the phone to their cat just so they can hear their beloved pet purr (23 per cent).

Our poll was conducted with more than 1,000 cat owners to mark the launch of our new Little Meow greetings card range. It found that the nation’s kitties are living far from a dog’s life with more than a fifth being taken on family holidays and 15 per cent of owners confessing to serving their cat specially-made meals on a daily basis.

American film star Angelina Jolie was crowned the biggest cat-a-like with almost 70 per cent of owners claiming that their cat is like the actress, “sexy, sinuous and just a little bit dangerous”.    What’s more, nearly 37 per cent of men have tried to teach their cat to perform tricks, with 11 per cent of them saying their cat can do so many special stunts they could enter them on Britain’s Got Talent.

The report also found that almost 30 per cent of women and nearly 18 per cent of men deem their feline a fully-fledged member of the family, celebrating their cat’s birthday with a card or present.

And the reasoning behind why men with a cat choose the moggy over any other pet proved intriguing; nearly 12 per cent of men said since they couldn’t have a lion or a tiger, they’d have a cat as they were the next best thing.

Rachel Goodman, our creator of Little Meow, said: “We conducted the report as we wanted as much insight as possible into just how much we love our feline friends; it’s clear that cats are a pet passion in the UK, and we’ve developed our new Little Meow range in response to that. We’re all about helping people connect and those connections are also with our pets, as this study demonstrates.”

View The Map of  Great Kit-tain Inforgraphic here>> 


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