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Save the first dance

Jul 8th, 2010

We read a great story this week that really made us smile; there’s been a 30% rise in wedding couples seeking dance tips from choreographers ahead of their big day!

This got us thinking; what are the most unique or unusual wedding songs and dances that brides and grooms choose for their first dance?

Well we want YOU to help us find out. Think back to all the weddings you’ve ever been to as a guest – or even your own – and tell us what the most standout first-dance song you’ve ever heard is, whether it’s a cheesy classic like I Should Be So Lucky by Kylie, a hardcore techno track, or an obscure indie song that no one’s ever heard of, but means a lot to the couple.

Just @HallmarkCards on Twitter, using the hash tag #firstdance, or visit our Facebook page to tell us! And that’s not all because we’re also after the funniest first dance videos, so send us any links.

We’ll be publishing the full playlist at the end of the month and are hoping it will help inspire happy couples everywhere to have a beautiful day.

This is all part of our wedding and anniversary month here at Hallmark, which is running throughout July. Check out our great range of cards, which, just like your wedding, can be as unique and special as you want them to be!

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