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Say Hello to Little Meow!

May 20th, 2014

This exclusive new range of cute cat greeting cards features three adorable kittens – the mischievous black one, the ginger explorer, and the charmingly innocent grey tabby – each of whose very different personalities was inspired by funny cat stories told by real owners.

Soft, neutral colours and playful, thoughtful messages – together with finely-observed, characterful cat drawings – make these cat cards just purr-fect for sending wishes to all your family and friends. Whether they are committed cat lovers, who can spend hours at a time looking at cute cat pictures and videos on the internet – or simply fans of all things sweet and adorable –  they are sure to fall in love with Little Meow!

Delight any fan of cats with one of our very cute cat birthday cards. This design features an adorable black kitten and a sweet little grey kitten too. (There’s also a very cute ginger kitten to look out for!)



Cat birthday cards are always a winner – and we think this sleepy black cat in a shoe design is just purr-fect!


Tell someone how extra-special they are with this very cute little grey kitten card. Just look at his little face – anyone who enjoys kitten pictures will love it!




Why not send one of our adorably fluffy kitten pictures to the one you love to cuddle up to? This design features two delightful kittens cuddled up.





Any grandad who watches cute cat cartoons with the little ones would love to receive this birthday card:




The most admired cat breeds couldn’t possibly be any sweeter than this cute fluffy kitten, who features on our favourite cat ‘thank you’ card:





Selected Little Meow cards can also be personalised. Add a name and your own message to create your very own personalised cute cat birthday cards!


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