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The Results are in!

Feb 8th, 2011

Twittermantic 2011 is now officially closed! We’d like to thank you all for your entries. Despite the 140 character limit, you poetic lot composed some cracking Valentine’s verses. We received over 600 entries and our panel of experts, including published poets Christine Miller and William Clark have trawled the Twitter feed to pick their favourite top ten ( in no particular order)

All that leaves you to do is vote for your ultimate heartfelt verse via our online poll to decide which lucky wannabe will have their entry made into a real Hallmark card on sale for Valentine’s 2012. You’ll be able to vote via our online poll here voting closes at 12 noon on the 14th of February


I’d climb the highest mountains, swim the deepest sea, to be in your arms for eternity.


Starshine Valentine/you set my heart aglow/without your spark/life would be dark/that’s why I love you so


It’s no sonnet, or ballad, and I suppose it barely rhymes. But it’s truthful and it’s from the heart, “I love you Valentine”.


The way my beats faster, everytime that you are close, proves to me that you’re my soul mate, the one I Love the most.


I don’t need fancy emeralds or sapphires of azure blue, diamonds that lose their sparkle, because there’s none as rare as you.


Love has parma violets eyes & smiles through cherry lips. Turns hearts in to marshmallow cakes and fizzles like sherbet pips.


You fill my days with sunshine/contented dreams at night/ my Valentine till the end of time/our love affairs so right.


I love you more than chocolate – honestly it’s true, and it isn’t just because there’s no calories in you!


Loving you is always easy but finding the words is hard. That’s why I had to send you this Valentine’s day card!


There’s something I need to tell you, something that is true…. it’s crazy and it’s heartfelt…. I LOVE YOU!

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