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The worlds top five first dances at a wedding

Jul 26th, 2010

Regardless of how contemporary a wedding may be, the first dance has always maintained a sense of tradition – the newlyweds embracing as they share a slow dance to a predictable wedding standard like Wonderful Tonight, I’ve Had The Time of My Life or Your Song. It’s all fairly nice and a little predictable, or so it used to be. Thanks to a young couple, YouTube and a one-hit-wonder from 1992 this has all changed and the first dance is becoming as much about entertaining the guests as a special moment between the bride and groom.

To celebrate the age of the first dance performance, here are our top five first wedding dances.

1. Baby’s got back
We have to begin with the couple that started it all. They might not have been the first pairing to do something different with their first dance but with over 12m views to date they definitely set the benchmark. This video is helped by the fact that both of them can dance and neither are embarrassed by what they’re doing – especially the bride, look at her go!

2. Thriller group effort

Why should the first dance only involve the newlyweds? This couple brought the rest of the wedding party on board and recreated Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller dance. Legend has it that Michael Jackson (or his management) added it to his own favourites list! While there are far worse Thriller mimes on YouTube the slightly sloppy choreography is made up for by the groom’s enthusiasm – just look at his face, he’s loving it!

3. NYC style
If you’ve got the budget to hire dancers and full lighting rig then why not use it? This New York couple did and the result is probably one of the most impressive first dance videos on the web. What really makes this video is that despite all the practice and dollars that went in to making it, the couple just look really happy goofing around.

4. How to make an entrance

Ok, not strictly a first dance, but this wedding entrance has been viewed nearly 62 million times and that can’t be ignored. Once again it shows how much fun can be had when the guests are truly made part of the big day.

5. Crazy in love

This couple decided that crazy was the theme of their wedding and blended as many songs as possible with the word ‘crazy’ into this dance medley. It’s helped by some pretty good dance moves and the most important element – fun!

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