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Things to do for mum this Mother’s Day on a budget

Mar 5th, 2012

Celebrating Mother’s Day can be a heart-warming experience for the whole family, not just the matriarchs. It’s a time to get together and appreciate our mother figures. Mothering Sunday usually sees most families making visits to each other’s homes, going for meals out and really spoiling all of the mums in the family. Money is still tight in many of Britain’s households but that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the celebrations. We take a look at how you and the family can enjoy Mother’s Day for less in 2012…

A meal

Getting the family together for a meal can be a rare occasion; busy lifestyles can mean that get-togethers are few and far between, so make this one count. Like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day is one of the restaurant industry’s busiest days of the year, so this could hike costs up considerably. Consider celebrating on the Saturday instead, the day before Mother’s Day. This will mean you’re not confined to set menus and inflated prices.

Even better, cook a meal at home. Ask each family member to bring a bottle or a small contribution to the overall meal and the celebration will cost a lot less. You can cook your mum’s favourite meal and won’t have to worry about booking a table, cost or transport.

Short break away

There are many families which would love to go on a short break together but never think it’s financially possible; however you can get some really fantastic deals if you shop around. Using vouchers and deals you can create your own low budget getaway and make some fantastic savings. You can also get big discounts if you book last minute, especially at this time of year when demand is low. You can get really cheap flights to European city destinations like Paris, Madrid or Berlin, or you could get a really good deal on a beach holiday to Spain or the Canary Islands.

Alternatively you can stay here in good old Blighty. You should be able to get good quality deals for quite cheap when booking last minute on hotels. A UK city break to cities like York, Edinburgh, London and Newcastle can be very diverse and would be suitable for the whole family. You can have a great time exploring museums and the history of each city. You could opt for the seaside break too, choosing destinations like Blackpool or Bristol.

It’s not just the actual break away you can save money on; you can get great deals on family travel insurance if you use a comparison service. You can also get discounts off holiday accessories with voucher codes and deals, for things like clothing, food supplies and holiday extras.


Don’t forget to buy your mum a little something to show you care. Never forget to buy her a Mother’s Day card. You can currently get 10% off Hallmark Mother’s Day cards with, so make sure you don’t pay over the odds.
Flowers are also a Mother’s Day staple and florists will be hectic at this time of year. To save some pennies why not buy her a nice plant for the garden instead? This should be a lot cheaper than a bouquet of flowers and can last a considerable amount longer. The plant will also remind your mum of the occasion every time she looks at it.

Things you can do for free

You don’t have to spend a penny to make your mum feel special. It’s the little touches you can do which really sets this day apart from the rest. Here are a few little ideas that will be sure to make her day wonderful:
– Do her chores; including running any errands she might need doing.
– Walk the dog.
– Do any odd jobs around the house that she needs doing, like mowing the lawn or putting up a shelf.
– Be her waiter; if she wants a cuppa be on hand with the teapot!
– Make sure she relaxes- ensure she puts her feet up and leave her with a good read.

All of these ideas are completely free and will help to make Mother’s Day very special.

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