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Top things for your kids to do this summer…

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Aug 18th, 2011

Here at Hallmark HQ, we love the summertime but understand its hard keeping the kids entertained, so we’ve put our heads together to come up with top things for kids to do this summer. With any luck these activities will keep your little monkeys out of mischief and keep you from checking the calendar to see when school begins!

1. Camping –The excitement of sleeping in a makeshift bed and eating beans from a can may not sound the most thrilling for some, but kids relish the opportunity to roast marshmallows on the fire, set up home somewhere new and go on a bear hunt. So why not pack up for the weekend and set up camp at one of the UK’s family friendly campsites, . With beautiful views and cosy pubs camping can be fun for parents too, but if that still doesn’t sound tempting send dad and the kids packing while you enjoy the peace and quiet at home.

2. Make a time capsule – Entertaining the kids doesn’t have to be expensive, making a time capsule is both fun and free. Encourage your kids to dig around for souvenirs, keepsakes and funny photos to build their very own time capsule. Write down the unsealing date and who should be present when the capsule is unsealed. Use an old biscuit tin or plastic Tupperware box to store the memories and make the container airtight. Let the kids find a spot to hide or bury their capsule, just make sure they don’t ruin the lawn! Don’t forget to get your child to write down the location of the capsule and store it in a safe place. NB. This is a sneaky way to get the kids to tidy their rooms too whilst scavenging for mementos!

3. Nature Trails – Kids tend to fancy themselves as secret agents, snooping in your handbag, listening in on phone calls, relieve them of their detective instincts by sending them on a nature trail or treasure hunt. The Woodland Trust provides a downloadable treasure hunt pack, with trails, scrapbook, scavenger hunts, certificate and even a cut out pirate hat! To make a proper day of it bring a picnic, take a rest stop, admire the beautiful views and munch on a cucumber sandwich!

4. Make a herb garden – This may not sound particularly appealing for kids, but making a herb garden can be surprisingly fun and educational too. First get your kids to draw up a plan of the suggested herb garden, let them get creative with colouring pencils and paints. Take the kids to your supermarket and get them to choose their herbs. Remember to check the packet and note their eventual size, so you don’t end up with an overgrown, unruly garden. Mint recovers quickly if your children tend to run riot in the garden, as does thyme which also releases a lovely scent whenever toys are driven over it! Find a sunny spot in the garden and make sure the soil is neutral to alkaline with good drainage, and then get planting! Suggest planting herbs in patterns or so they spell out your child’s name and encourage your kids to take a taste and smell their choices. Remember this can be an on-going project, ask them to trim and water their herb garden and get them to pick herbs for tonight’s dinner. Not only are they helping you with the gardening, but the cooking too!

5. Set up a lemonade stand – Bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in your kin and suggest they sell lemonade. Buy plenty of lemons and granulated sugar as well as disposable cups and locate several large pitchers. Help your kids to juice the lemons and combine with cold water, and then dissolve the sugar, adding according to taste. Stir briskly and drop in some ice cubes to keep it fresh. Lend your kids a table and chair and suggest setting up trade at the foot of your driveway or somewhere where lots of people or cars pass by. Make a large sign and price your lemonade and they’re ready to sell! This project will keep your children entertained for days if not the whole summer. Encourage them to go into business with brothers, sisters and friends and to replenish the lemonade supply as the traffic demands, to keep them on their toes!

Finally, if the summers drawing to an end and those last few days with the kids are proving difficult, get them to make a scrapbook of everything they’ve done and all the activities they’ve enjoyed this summer. This should keep them busy enough so you can have a few days to yourself!

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