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UK and Ireland’s Most Treasured Memories Exhibited At The National Media Museum!

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Aug 22nd, 2012

Did you get a glimpse of what the nation holds most dear at our unique visual collection of the UK and Ireland’s most treasured memories?

They were exhibitioned for one week only at the National Media Museum in Bradford. Running from 15th-22nd August, and totally free to attend, our ‘Hallmark Treasured Memories Collection’ showcased ten meaningful mementos which were shortlisted from a nationwide contest we held earlier this year.

Treasured Memories

Treasured Memories

The projection was launched by the contest’s winner, Lynn Foggon (form Newcastle-upon-Tyne), whose vintage doll named Looby Lou was voted by the public as the UK and Ireland’s Ultimate Treasured Memory. Looby Lou was originally knitted for Lynn’s childhood friend Sarah, who later became family when Lynn and Sarah’s brother started their long-term relationship.

Lynn and Sarah spent many years and shared many memories with the doll until Sarah sadly died of breast cancer at just 32 years old. Following her death, the doll was passed down to Lynn’s daughter, also named Sarah, who has cherished the doll ever since.

Chosen from hundreds of entries unearthed by all you lovely families across the UK and Ireland, this special collection of moving memories includes a vintage brooch passed down through generations, a medal for a lifesaving dog and a photo of lost relatives; providing a unique insight into what we –as a nation holds most dear.

We were delighted that Lynn and others shared their treasured memories with us and it was great that Lynn was able to launch the exhibition. We want to thank anyone that took a look at the special collections, if you didn’t manage to go to the museum, then you can view the winning and all the shortlisted entries on our Facebook page Hallmark UK & Ireland.

If you have been inspired by the exhibition and have your own treasured memory, share it with us @hallmarkUK or visit us on Facebook at Hallmark UK &Ireland.

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