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Valentine’s ideas for those with hectic schedules

Feb 13th, 2013

Our busy lifestyles can really take a toll on how much time we can commit to spending with our loved ones, which is understandable if you work and have a family to look after. But, there is one day where we should make an extra special effort to spend quality time with the special man or woman in our life; Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s ideas for those with hectic schedules

Valentine’s ideas for those with hectic schedules

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean that things can stand still. We still have to go to work, do the school run and keep up with our other chores, so that’s why MoneySupermarket has put together this guide to make sure you can still appreciate the day of love while keeping up with your busy schedule.

Get up early for a romantic breakfast

With Valentine’s Day being on a weekday this year, you have to look to make extra time to celebrate it. Set the alarm clock for an hour earlier than normal and make your other half a special breakfast in bed.

Cook them up some pancakes with their favourite sauce and some fresh strawberries to sprinkle over the top. Alternatively, prepare their normal breakfast but add a fresh red rose to the tray with a small box of chocolates as an accompaniment.

Meet up for lunch

When you imagine a Valentine’s meal, most people would imagine it to be at night, by candlelight in the middle of a packed restaurant. Why not make the most of your dinner hour by meeting for lunch? If you don’t have much time at night, this could be the perfect compromise; and you may save a bit of cash by not going for the special Valentine’s Day menus that are likely to start at night time.

Walk the dog together

For couples with dogs, take a romantic walk. You’ll more than likely have some time to pencil it into your diary for walking the dog anyway, so get your walking boots on and take a more scenic route before sundown. Walking is a great opportunity to get away from the house and can be very romantic if you choose the right route. The dog will love you for it too! And if you don’t have a dog, go for a romantic walk anyway. It’s one of the cheapest choices for a Valentine’s Day treat.

Spend some quality time as a family

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just mean spending quality time as a couple. It’s also a great opportunity to spend some time with the whole family. Make a night of it by playing board games, cooking a special sit down dinner or even going bowling or to the cinema. This way the whole family can benefit from Valentine’s Day, instead of just mum and dad.

Get a takeaway

Instead of paying over the odds for a meal at a restaurant on the most expensive night of the year, or slaving over the cooker to prepare a nice meal, why not treat yourself to a takeaway? Choose your partner’s favourite cuisine and go and pick up their favourite meal. You could light some candles, spruce the place up with flowers and play some romantic music. This is the perfect Valentine’s date as there is no washing up to be done afterwards- just some spare time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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