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We love your ‘retro’ responses!

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Nov 10th, 2010
Dallas Personalised Card

Dallas Personalised Card

Fridays are our favourite day of the week and that’s not just because it’s the start of the weekend, it’s because it’s our weekly Twitter competition day, THIFriday. It’s our chance to have some fun and to show you all that we care by giving away great prizes on the hour, every hour.

We want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has entered THIFriday so far and we really love reading all your fun responses to our questions.

We especially enjoyed hearing which characters you’d like to see joining the likes of Bugs Bunny and the Dallas crew in our retro greetings cards. We take all your feedback on board so watch this space, we may have a new ‘blast from the past’ card coming your way very soon!

Here are some of our favourite suggestions that really tickled us and made us think of the good old days!

Danger Mouse – he emerged as one of your ultimate retro characters. Here’s a video to remind you why he takes the cheese as the coolest mouse we know.

SuperTed – Another firm favourite, an extraordinary teddy bear that has managed to stick in our minds for years after he was thrown out of the toy factory!

The A-team – These soldiers of fortune are so popular that Hollywood has made a new movie about them this year, so it’s no wonder these renegade retro icons were on your list. I pity the fool!

Care Bears – These cuddly bears seemed to be popular for a lot of you on Twitter.

Poddington Peas – This cartoon was the biggest surprise for us here at Hallmark as we had no idea they were so popular. Nevertheless, they win hands down for the suggestion that got us singing along the most!

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